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My Turn: Keatts hire fueling UNCW success

UNCW Men's Basketball Coach Kevin Keatts (Source: WECT) UNCW Men's Basketball Coach Kevin Keatts (Source: WECT)

It’s remarkable to see how one key hire can really change an organization. You don’t have to look any further than the success of the UNCW Seahawks men’s basketball team.

A couple years ago the team was down in the dumps. But now, after 25 regular season and tournament wins, they are back in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in a decade.

It took a few coaching changes to get to this point. But nothing seemed to be working until Coach Kevin Keatts arrived on the scene. In only two years, UNCW has not only become competitive, but now they are a real threat to some bigger schools. 

Success is always tough in these situations. There are those already worrying about the higher profile schools that will come calling on Coach Keatts. And they know the better the success in this tournament, the more that phone will ring.

Let me advocate we don’t go down that road just yet. For now, let’s celebrate the amazing turnaround of this basketball team and support them all we can during the tournament. That’s the best way we can honor this great team and Coach Keatts at this time. Go Seahawks!

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