Copy-Officer shown on video throwing woman to ground

CAPE CORAL, FL (WBBH/CNN) - An officer was placed on paid leave after a video surfaced Sunday showing him throwing a woman to the ground while breaking up a fight.

"We have an excellent police force. They'll do the right thing and do a great investigation," Mayor Marni Sawicki said.

The officer, who was trying to break up a fight, tossed 23-year-old Brittnie Fails to the ground.

"Someone said that's uncalled for, and that's when the officer was like, "Oh, she's faking it!" said Fails just hours after arrest.

While she admits she was intoxicated and asking for her car keys, she said nothing justifies the officer's force.

"If there's anything that upsets me about the video, it's not being thrown on the ground. It's how he nonchalantly, like, 'Oh my god, get over it,'" Fails said.

Fails, who was arrested for public intoxication, has filed a complaint, claiming excessive force was used. The department confirmed Monday that officer was on paid leave as they investigate internally.

While they won't release the name of that officer, Sawicki says it's far too early to make any judgements.

"I know that we have zero tolerance on our force, we have an excellent force and we will be as transparent as possible," she said.

"I just wish someone would have introduced themselves to me, or came up and just separated me from what I was doing, as opposed to giving me to the ground," Fails said.

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