Here We Grow: Wilmington's real estate explosion

Here We Grow: Wilmington's real estate explosion

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - If it looks like Wilmington is under new construction, its not your imagination. It is.

New residential and commercial developments are sprouting up throughout the city. Much of this overnight growth comes from a rebirth in the real estate business.

"We went through a four-year period from 2008 to 2012 when we had very little, if any development, so we've had pent-up demands and now the flood gates have opened," said Glenn Harbeck, Director of Planning, Development and Transportation for the city of Wilmington.

With 60,000 more people expected to add to Wilmington's population over the next 25 years, will there be enough space for them to live?

Over the next few weeks, WECT News is taking a closer look at Wilmington's growth in a series of reports called 'Here We Grow!'

On Thursday, March 10, Frances Weller will look at the city's real estate and how much land there is left to develop. Frances will talk with city planners, developers and realtors about the three fastest growing areas in the Wilmington.

Watch for Frances' report Thursday on WECT News at 6.

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