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My Turn: Voting for the Connect NC bond

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The Presidential election may get you out to the polls for the primary election this year, but make sure you pay attention to those down ticket races too.

I want to talk specifically about one issue that is important to the future of North Carolina.

The Connect NC Bond will NOT raise your taxes. What it will do is allow the state to float bonds up to $2 billion dollars and use that money for various projects across North Carolina.

To help ensure this bond passes, state leaders were careful to give something to every corner of this state. In our region, state parks, community colleges and UNC Wilmington will benefit with millions of dollars in worthwhile projects.

There has been some grousing that Pender County has no projects listed. But you can’t think hyperlocal with this. The state is making an effort to protect some of our important natural resources and grow our infrastructure to meet the needs.

You can learn more about the Connect NC Bond at Once you do, I hope you will choose to join me in voting YES.

That’s my turn. Now it’s your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

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Emailed viewer comments:

It's comforting to know that the flora and fauna of our state parks will be well taken care of with the money generated by the NC connect bond.

Conversely, where is all the "education lottery" money going? 

Borrowing billions of dollars for our higher education platforms, when the recipients of those diplomas / degrees will stand in line for $350 a week?? 

It's very sad to know that we will have the most highly educated [unemployed] people in the land. 

The "future" of NC is Jobs, That's the best infrastructure we could hope for.

But at least we'll have our AAA rating...


It would seem that what applies to us taxpayers should also apply to the state. If I apply and receive a loan, I am obligated to pay it back.

The same theory applies to the state. If they "float a loan" (bond) they(tax payers) have to pay it back.  Therefore, our Tax's will reflect that. 
Only through smoke and mirrors would one believe the opposite.


Thank you for your perspective.

I am a firm believer in pay as you go. If we need something, we should raise taxes, or pay for it out of money put aside for that purpose or from yearly surpluses.

To state that our taxes will not increase to pay for this bond is just plain wrong. If taxes won't pay it off, what will? If the bond referendum didn't pass, then taxes would go down. If it passes, then taxes will remain the same or increase. Either way, to my thinking, that's an increase.

Some of the proposed spending will be on education for both the UNC system and community colleges. I thought the North Carolina Education Lottery was supposed to help pay for that when it was set up in the 1990's?

If the projects are worthy, then they should be funded through yearly savings. That's how families budget. It's time to take away the state's credit card.

I will be voting against this proposal.



Do you really believe that adding an additional $2 Billion in debt will somehow be serviced out of existing tax revenues?  While I must commend the jokesters who came up with the name ConnectNC since it implies, to many folks, that it's transportation related, this bond, should it pass, does nothing but add additional buildings to an already bloated UNC system plus $100 Million to zoos. It would appear to me, the folks who concocted the spending were highly influenced (large campaign donors) by UNC system educrats.  49% to UNC with a paltry 4% going to the NC National Guard and public safety?!  And then there's a token 9% going to agriculture, although educrats teaching agriculture, for the most part, have never turned a spade of dirt in their life.  

And that's my turn. :)

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