Wilmington City Council approves Comprehensive Plan

Wilmington City Council approves Comprehensive Plan

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington City Council adopted the Create Wilmington Comprehensive Plan in their meeting Tuesday night.

This is the first comprehensive plan adopted since 1945.

It was created by a team made up of City staff members and a Council-appointed steering committee over an 18-month period, to be a guide for decision-makers as Wilmington continues to grow.

According to the plan, the City is expected to see more than 60,000 people make Wilmington home in the next 25 years, and should focus on growing inward and upward, integrating land uses to reduce traffic congestion and improve housing, employment and shopping.

During the year-long public input process, staff said citizens indicated their "desire for an attractive city with a strong economy, a vibrant downtown, safe neighborhoods, quality infrastructure, and transportation options."

The plan includes recommendations on policy, growth strategies, and growth factors.

To read the plan, click here.

Council also approved $649,050 for a construction contract to Intercoastal Marine, LLC to build a bicycle and pedestrian walkway under the Heide Trask Bridge. The intended outcome of the project is to provide a safer alternative for people to cross Wrightsville Avenue and to facilitate travel over the bridge. The walkway will become the end of the Cross-City Trail.

The Wilmington City Council also approved policies that would allow for concerts to take place at the Hugh Morton Amphitheater during the Shakspeare on the Green Festival.

According to the resolution, concert productions at the Hugh Morton Amphitheater are increasing in popularity. In 2013, 23 concerts were staged at the facility; in 2014, that number grew to 30; in 2015, it increased to 41.

Under current policies, every date from the last Wednesday of May through the last date in June is reserved exclusively for the Shakespeare on the Green Festival, produced by Cape Fear Shakespeare, Ltd. The productions are free to the public.

Adoption of this resolution makes it possible for concerts to be booked at the amphitheater for a total of four dates during Cape Fear Shakespeare's allotted time at the facility. A maximum of two of these dates shall be on Fridays/Saturdays, with the remainder of the dates to be held Mondays through Thursdays.

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