Hoggard High School Athletic Director Scott Braswell announces retirement

Hoggard High School Athletic Director Scott Braswell announces retirement

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Hoggard High School Athletic Director Scott Braswell announced that he will be retiring, effective Monday, Feb. 29.

Hoggard Assistant Principal Kristi Tinnes will take over as AD.

"Over Christmas break, I really felt like I felt a difference in my body, just not having a workday, the stresses that come with a workday," said Braswell. "By stepping down March 1, I could maybe have a couple months to try and maybe have the same benefits I had over Christmas break, and do some working out, some rehab, and hopefully kind of get my body back in coaching shape."

Braswell spent 18 seasons on the sidelines coaching football with the Vikings, earning the 2007 state championship, in addition to 12 conference titles, and compiling an overall record of 167-51.

Last spring, Braswell was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his lower back, but is now cancer free. He emphasized the decision to retire is not related to the cancer.

The support he received from Hoggard Monday, overwhelming.

"So many players, students, teachers, players, coaches came by my office. It was just so special to have so many people come by. At some point you feel like you made a difference, had a little impact on them. So that was grating. It's just hard. You've got a lot of relationships developed."

Since stepping down from the coaching role last season, Braswell has served as the athletic director at Hoggard.

This move, in his words, not the end, but a possibility to potentially begin something new.

"It's something I've thought about a lot, and part of this might allow me to get back into coaching shape. I can do long days, but I don't know if I can do a season full of long days. And so hopefully maybe these next couple months will get me a chance to get back some stamina, test out my energy level, and just see if maybe I've got a full season of coaching in me."

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