Emaciated horse found dead, tied to tree in Columbus County

Emaciated horse found dead, tied to tree in Columbus County

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Horse workers in Columbus County found a horse tied to a tree and left to die last week, according to Columbus County Animal Control.

Deputies found the horse's emaciated body February 19. They still aren't sure how long he had been tied up there, but looking at his physical condition, they believe he was starved to death.

"It's indescribable," says Sandra Carter, who lives across the street from where the horse was found. "It's awful."

Investigators say the male horse was found dead and tied to a tree, with no food or water in sight.

"No horse and no animal should have to live like that," Carter says.

Caster lives along Old Lumberton Road in Evergreen at the Columbus, Robeson County line and has three horses of her own.

"I thank God that I have them and I take care of them and that's what everybody else should do," Carter says.

On Monday Feb. 22, the male horse was still lying on the ground, still tied to a tree to the right of a dirt road and behind a locked gate the prevents drivers from coming any further. Carter says no one lives on that property and so far no one knows who is responsible.

"Right here at my house, I feel like I should've known," she says. "I love horses, I love animals, but I didn't know it."

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office is working alongside Animal Control to find the horse's owner and charge them with animal cruelty.

"Whoever is responsible for it needs to pay,"
Carter says. "I mean it's not going to help him because he's gone, but maybe it can help the ones in the future."

Investigators say animal control will hire a company to remove the horse's body. They haven't said when that will happen.

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