Ten-year-old boy fights crime with kindness, makes signs to bring neighbors together

Ten-year-old boy fights crime with kindness, makes signs to bring neighbors together

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A ten-year-old Wilmington boy is fighting crime with kindness.Thieves have scared his neighbors, kicking down doors and breaking into their homes while they were at work. But instead of being scared or angry, Lliam Fay showed us how love can conquer.

These past few months have been tough for folks who live in the Long Leaf Acres and Windemere communities.

"Keep out or else, warning guard dog, we are watching you, hashtag busted," Fay says, reading the paper signs taped to the windows beside his back door.

Fay wanted the people who tried to break into his house in December – to know he's not afraid.

"I wanted to scare off the robbers and make sure they stayed away," he says.

He even hung a baby doll in his front yard, hoping they wouldn't have the guts to come back. But the robbers, however, did return.

"Right here is the glass they broke in," Fay shows WECT where thieves broke through a window.

This time, they stole his family's TV's, hand guns, a safe and money – then ransacked his home.

"I saw a huge mess," Fay says. "Everything was just ripped apart, shredded. Windows broken, doors kicked open."

And he isn't the only victim. Neighbors reported 16 break-ins since last month.

So, once again, Lliam made signs. But this time, he had a change of heart.

"Love in the end will connect us to our neighbors," says Charles Ogle, reading from a poster, taped to a stop sign in front of his home
on Long Leaf Acres Drive. "Whoever put those signs up deserves a great big atta boy or atta girl, whoever did it."

Little did he know that little person was Lliam.

"I just think love and Jesus Christ is going to stop all this," Lliam says. "It's going to eventually go away."

A small gesture – from a small boy – with a big heart.

"There ought to be more people like this in our world," Ogle says.

"Everybody's coming together in the community and eventually we will find the criminals and stop what they're doing," Fay says.

Lliam's drive to help others must run in the family. His mother went door-door and handed out fliers to neighbors with a list of every home that was broken into. Police say they have increased patrols but have not made any arrests.

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