Wilmington Police increase area foot patrols

Wilmington Police increase area foot patrols

Wilmington Police are ramping up their boots-on-the-ground patrols in hopes of increasing visability and crime prevention. The patrols are now in places where police have gotten the most calls for service, like Russell Alley, Queen, and Ann Streets between 5th and 17th Streets.

Officers patrol designated areas in teams of two. WECT walked along as two officer patrolled near Castle and 8th Streets.

“It’s little by little," says Officer Melissa Harrison. "Interaction by interaction, I feel like we’re make a difference and changing the perspective in some peoples’ minds of who the police are, what they do and what we’re here for.”

The two officers say they started patrolling on foot about a month ago. They're stationed out of the MLK Center and walk the neighborhood five days a week -- talking to residents and business owners.

So far, they say the response has only been positive.

The Wilmington Police Department also uses other high visibility patrol methods such as bicycles, horses, Segways and a gas powered ATV used for parks, on and off-road patrols.