Facebook group helps connect families with surrogate grandparents

Facebook group helps connect families with surrogate grandparents

You can't choose the family you're born into, but you can choose those who become family. There's a movement on social media to help families find surrogate grandparents.

For families living far apart, or when parents have died, providing that grandparent relationship for kids isn't always possible, but now the Facebook group "Surrogate Grandparents USA" is providing a solution for people like Rebecca Tobias.

Tobias says she treasures the moments she had with her grandparents.
"They taught me how to play scrabble, they taught me how to crochet," she says. "These kinds of things, grandparents have time for."

And now at 53, Tobias is doing something many may consider eccentric. She says her daughter has decided against having children, but Tobias is still determined to be a grandma.

"My clock is ticking and I have to reach out to find grandchildren in a nontraditional way," she said.

And then it clicked. A few weeks ago she stumbled across the Facebook group.

"It really had me feeling that my prayers were answered," Tobias said.
The group hopes to connect people like Tobias with families who want their children to have that connection.
"Generation to generation. There's a lot to learn," she said.
And Tobias is anxious to teach.
"I have a need, they have a need,” she said. “We can fill it together."
So far, she's the only one in the group looking for a family in Wilmington.
But she's hopeful that in time, she’ll find one.
"I'm looking forward to having a whole lot of fun and learning and loving and laughing and just being part of another family," she said.
So far, there are more than 900 members, from all over the country that have joined the Facebook group, created just last month.

If you would like to connect with Tobias, you can email Marissa Hundley at Mhundley@wect.com

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