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One year later, victim of Monkey Junction murder-suicide speaks out: "It just feels like a dream"

Jessica Modolo (Left) (Source: WECT) Jessica Modolo (Left) (Source: WECT)

Saturday will mark one year since a murder suicide in Monkey Junction.

Richard Nielson shot and killed his boss, then shot Jessica Modolo, a coworker, in the stomach. "Sometimes I just feel like it's a dream and I just wanna wake up from a bad nightmare," Modolo says.

It's a nightmare Modolo has no memory of.

Last year, her coworker, 62-year-old Richard Nielson, shot and killed her soon-to-be brother in law, then shot her in the stomach.
Modolo was four months pregnant at the time.

"We were so happy to be able to have another baby and our oldest son was six at the time and we were so excited and then for it all to be taken away like that, there's no words for that," she says.

Modolo talked to WECT from her new home in Tennessee. She says she can't remember anything from that day and didn't learn about the shooting until several days later.

"Since it was such a traumatic event, my brain is just kind of protecting myself," she says.

It happened at the Murphy's USA gas station on Carolina Beach Road. On that Friday afternoon, investigators say Nielson had followed them.
He first shot 38-year-old Russell Mitchell, who was getting gas, then Modolo, who was inside her truck. Nielson then turned the gun on himself.

The day before, Modolo told deputies Nielson stole more than $4,000 worth of equipment.

But even a year later, no one knows why Nielson did this.

"I've come so far in a year that I just want to keep the positive and just keep moving forward," she says.

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