Copy-Emotional service honors police dog shot saving lives

OMAHA, NE (KMTV/CNN) - Members of a Nebraska community turned out to pay their respects to a police dog that was killed in the line of duty. Hundreds gathered for the K-9 officer's funeral.

K-9 Kobus took a bullet to save lives. On Thursday his memory was honored.

"Shots rang out, but I charged ahead,  my partner shouts, but for this fight I was bred," said Sgt. Aaron Hansen of the Omaha Police Department, while remembering the dog.  Hansen fought tears as he read a poem he wrote for Kobus called, "I wag my tail."

"My life was broad, I did not fail, as I see God, I wag my tail," Hansen said, reading the poem.

Community members gathered at Christ Community Church. The honor guard held flags, and local families lined the way to show their support.

"People actually care even if it was a dog," a child said of the crowd.  Kobus was a loyal partner and protector, a family member and a friend.

"He is another police officer, yea it was a four legged one, but he does things that we don't want to do. He put himself in danger to save the life of a human," said Josh England, a Mills County K-9 handler.

K-9 handlers from across the state came to show officer Matt McKinney, his family and the department their respects.

Officer McKinney was overwhelmed by the support. "Once he was in the cruiser he was home, he was ready to work, everyday. I am really gonna miss those," he said.

The decision to send Kobus into the standoff on Saturday was a tough one, but the right one.

Kobus was shot Saturday night by 59-year-old suspect Mark L'Heureux after a 26-hour standoff and shootout with Omaha Police and SWAT teams. It started as police tried to serve a mental health warrant.

Police say L'Heureux is facing charges of attempted first degree homicide, use of a weapon to commit a felony, and one count of harassment of a police animal. 

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