Senate candidate Brannon brings town hall tour to Wilmington

Senate candidate Brannon brings town hall tour to Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Greg Brannon brought his statewide "Time for Courage" Town Hall Tour into Wilmington Tuesday night. The obstetrician from Cary spoke to a group at UNC Wilmington's Economic Development Center.
Brannon came out of nowhere in 2014, as the Tea Party favorite, and finished second to Thom Tillis in the Republican Senatorial Primary. Brannon won several endorsements during that campaign, specifically from Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, on his way to gathering 27 percent of the primary votes. Brannon says he proved to voters in 2014 that "he knew the material," and this year he's showing more of a personal side to his candidacy.

"I want them to know who I am, why I'm doing this," Brannon said after the town hall meeting. "It really is for my babies, for the 9,000 I've delivered. I believe America is at a crossroads. Are we a socialist country with progressive ideas, or are we based upon the individual, a republic based on God's natural law?"

Brannon has not been shy about painting the incumbent as an establishment candidate, criticizing Burr on past votes to raise the country's debt ceiling and fund Planned Parenthood. Brannon says that unlike Burr and other "career politicians," he will be a consistent conservative with decisions and beliefs based on the U.S. Constitution.

"The establishment is a very difficult foe," Brannon concedes. "They are very good at pretending who they are. They pretend they are conservative come election time, but their record of progressivism is so loud now. I'm exposing that part."

Larry Holmquist and Paul Wright are the other two candidates running in the Republican Senatorial primary.

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