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NHC Sheriff's Office creating safe zone for Craigslist exchanges

Meeting a stranger to buy or sell something from Craigslist just got safer. Or at least, that's the goal of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies now have a plan to create a safe zone for those internet exchanges. The area will be marked and constantly monitored, hopefully preventing any future Craigslist crimes.

In September 2014, Wilmington Police arrested three men for trying to rob a man who wanted to sell a rifle off Craigslist.The year before, Port City investigators say a high school student stole an i-phone from an online seller.

"We've seen a presence ever since there was this creation of online yard sale, per say," says Lt. Jerry Brewer, spokesman for the New Hanover County  Sheriff's Office.

Deputies already have a design for the two signs that will mark parking spaces at the front of the sheriff's office parking lot. Lt. Jerry Brewer says they got the idea from several other agencies that have implemented safe areas of their own.

"This was something easily done, not a whole lot of overhead, a whole lot of cost," Lt. Brewer says.

Two cameras are already in place to monitor the spots. And if you still don't feel safe?

 "Any time that you need us, we have deputies there," Brewer says.

There are always deputies inside at the front desk. All there to make sure you don't become the next victim.

"This area already has everything logistically we need for it and then in the future hopefully some other areas in the county we can add to the county as well," Brewer says.

Lt. Brewer says he hopes to have the signs up by next week. The office is also brainstorming on another location in the southern part of the county.

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