Four injured after high speed chase

March 19, 2005

A high speed crash in Brunswick County ends with a car on fire and two men seriously injured.  In a strange turn of events, another collision happens and two women are sent to the hospital.

It all happened around 3:30 Saturday morning. Witnesses say a White Mercedes-Benz was traveling East on 74/76 into Wilmington at speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

At the 421 split, we're told the driver lost control, flipping the car several times before it landed on it's side in the woods, catching on fire.

Some motorists stopped, pulling two injured men from the burning car.   Another group of cars arrived shortly after, according to witnesses.

We're told the men were put inside a car,  and the group of cars sped away.  This caused a second accident, which sent two women to the hospital.

The highway patrol is investigating the incident.