From farm to table, Wilmington farmer offers meat sharing

From farm to table, Wilmington farmer offers meat sharing

Wilmington natives, Kyle Stenersen and his wife, who own Humble Roots Farm, know what it truly means to go from farm to table.

Humble Roots Farm sits along Scotts Hill Loop Road in Wilmington, right across the Pender County line.

"We've had to basically start from scratch," Kyle Stenersen says.

Their modest beginning in 2013 has since turned into a successful business and the only farm of its kind in Wilmington.

"We are a modern day traditional farm and when I say traditional farm I mean a farm that existed pre-industrial revolution," Stenersen says.

Now, with the cold temperatures, Stenersen says Humble Roots is focusing on one thing.

"Right now, this is what it's all about," he says, as he shows us frozen cuts of pork, chicken and beef. "The meat."

Stenersen says all their animals have ample room to graze and chickens and pigs eat organic, Non-GMO grains. And that, he says, makes for some mighty good meat.

"People are getting awareness of how their meat is handled, raised, butchered, and they're wanting something different," he says.

Humble Roots now offers what's called "meat sharing," meaning a group of people or families can purchase a cow and split the meat.

"I will bring the cow to the processor, give them cutting instructions, they will cut it up, put it into retail cuts," Stenersen says.

This spring, Humble Roots will also be selling vegetables and eggs.

Humble Roots will open their farm stand, on Jan. 20 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., for folks to buy frozen chickens and pork sausage to help make room for a large inventory of beef and pork coming in.

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