Board games raise funds for Southport-Oak Island civic club

Board games raise funds for Southport-Oak Island civic club

SOUTHPORT, NC (WECT) - It is sometimes hard for a civic club to raise money for club projects, but a member of the Southport Oak Island Kiwanis Club saw a unique way a board game was being used as a fundraiser in an Ohio town and thought the idea would work here at home.

It is not the popular game Monopoly, but pretty close. In Brunswick County, the game is SouthportOpoly. And it has become a winning fundraiser for the Southport Oak Island Kiwanis Club.

"And it is similar to the other board game you may know of a similar name," club president Joe Crostic said.

"I thought about it for a while and took it to our board and said I think this may work for us" said Peter Berg, of the Southport Oak Island Kiwanis Club.

And with the club approval, Berg went out selling sponsorships.

"So the idea was that we would sell spaces on the game, and that would be in the income, the fundraising part for the Kiwanis Club. And then the merchants would put their logos on the board, and they could buy the game and then resell it. The reaction and response was very enthusiastic, it sold out very quickly" said Berg.

The club ordered 750 of the games, and Berg started selling them Dec. 8.

"And by Dec. 20, all 750 games were sold," he said.

And it allows the players to learn about Southport's history that includes famed pirate Stede Bonnet, the Nicholas Sparks movie Safe Haven and one of the worst events to every happen in Brunswick County, Hurricane Hazel.

"The best part of this board game is that it features our businesses, which is really the heart and soul and the thing that keeps us going is that if our businesses are successful, then the town is successful" said Randy Jones of the Southport Visitors Center.

The money the club has received because of the game has been used to help kids.

"One of the things we do is scholarships for kids and we would like to increase the size of those scholarships and in order for us to do that, we needed to raise more funds" Crostic said.

There may be a few games left for sale by some of the Southport merchants, but don't worry, the club is working on a second edition, which should be available for the summer tourism season.

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