Ben Carson comes to the Port City

Ben Carson comes to the Port City

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson flew into Wilmington Friday afternoon. He was heading to a private fundraiser.

On his way out, he talked with one of our reporters about how campaigning is going thus far.

This year, North Carolina primaries are being held about two months earlier than normal. They will take place on March 15.

Carson explained that early primaries are key for determining where the country is heading.

"I think all the primaries are important, but particularly the earlier ones, and North Carolina qualifies as that. And will give us a very good indication of the trajectory of the country," Carson said.

He went on to discuss his opinions of the importance of winning individual states.

"I think all the states are very important, I would love to win every single one of them," Carson laughed. "But in terms of which one you must win, which one you mustn't win--a lot of people like to act like they're experts, and that they know the answers to that question, but nobody does."

About a month ago, the latest poll showed Ben Carson tied for third in North Carolina. When asked if he's focusing on re-energizing his campaign, he wasn't concerned about what others said.

"Well, since we got into the race, from the very beginning, everything they've predicted about me is wrong," he said. "Why would they be right now?"

During this campaign cycle, Carson is the third Republican candidate to visit Port City.

He heads to Iowa as his next stop in his 2016 presidential campaign.

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