Vertex achieves certification required for mass production

Vertex achieves certification required for mass production

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Vertex Railcar Corporation has achieved two certifications required for all suppliers to the rail industry and to build cars.

Representatives from the Association of American Railroads (AAR) did an official site audit this fall and verified the facility meets the specifications for the M-1003 and S-2034 certifications.

The M-1003 certification focuses on quality assurance and indicates Vertex has the appropriate quality management system in place to mass-produce quality railcars.

The S-2034 certification indicates the Vertex construction processes and practices meet the appropriate specifications.

"This year was a big year for Vertex. It's been a year of growth and opportunity," said Vertex CEO Donald Croteau. "We transformed an abandoned manufacturing facility into a state-of-the-art railcar manufacturing operation, and produced our first railcars in North Carolina. We achieved our most critical goal for 2015—certification to proceed with mass production of freight cars at Vertex in Wilmington."

The Vertex team aims to produce three to four cars per day in early 2016.

Hiring will continue throughout 2016 as the company takes orders and works toward its overall goal of producing 8.000 cars per year.

The company said they hoped to hire 250 people by the end of December 2015, As of Tuesday the company said they have hired 206 people.

Officials with Vertex said the hiring process has been slow because most of the interviews have to be done on Saturdays so that current workers can supervise the weld testing.

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