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Bone broth brewing a healthy comeback

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Broth may be considered a natural healing agent in many cultures.

Chicken soup is a popular product made with chicken broth.

Now, bone broth is making a comeback to the health scene.

Health experts said traditional bone broth is made up of leftover bones from animals like cattle, poultry and fish.

It’s then mixed with vegetables for flavoring and maybe a few chicken feet for extra gelatin.

“Sometimes in ancient Chinese medicine they might also add things like seashells or other twigs,” said Dr. Rosanne Demanski, a naturopathic physician.

The broth finishes after a 48 hour simmer.

“It takes a long time,” Demanski said. “The house can have quite a smell to it.”

If users have enough patience, there are some benefits.

Besides strengthening the immune system, there are claims that it can boost energy and help lose weight.

“I'm assuming it can because it does have a lot of nutrients and it fills you up,” said Dr. Saira Rani of UConn Family Medicine.

Rani said it may even help people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

“At some point we do recommend they take it easy on their diet and have more soups,” Rani said.

As far as improving memory and appearance, that’s up for debate.

“It does have a lot of collagen,” Rani said. “However, because of the high heat that it's made in, those are really de-natured so I'm not sure how de-natured protein will help you.”

That means researchers have not been able to back up that bone broth can magically erase wrinkles. However, they said that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t deny themselves the nutrients.

“I think the old grandmother's remedies are coming back because I think there was some sense to that they used it for a reason many times,” Demanski said.

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