Hoggard Soccer Ready for Sweet 16 matchup

Hoggard Soccer Ready for Sweet 16 matchup

WILMINGTON, NC (AP/WECT) - On a team filled with talented underclassmen, one Hoggard senior is making his mark as his time with the Vikings winds down.

Jared Robertson has tallied 18 goals this season, including three in the first two rounds of the playoffs. After winning their second round game, he took a moment to soak it all in.

"It didn't really hit me at the end of the game. But then after a couple of hours, it was wow, we're in the third round of the playoffs," he said. "There's only sixteen teams left, we've got a good chance. It didn't actually hit me right after the game, but thinking back of the two years before, and how hard it was, how it'd just stop at that second round, it really, really meant a lot."

His fellow teammate, sophomore sensation Cesar Cruz, who is second on the team in goals, attests to the impact Robertson has made, and the seniors on this team.

"You really cherish every game you have with the seniors. You don't know if it's gonna be your last. We just hope to play a lot more with them," Cruz said.

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