Sex Assault: Holding college campuses accountable

Sex Assault: Holding college campuses accountable
The time is now to start planning for your child's college education. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

NORTH CAROLINA (FOX WILMINGTON) - It happens more than you might think.

"When you hear stories from my daughters about what happened on their college campuses - not to them, but to others - when you see data that shows that literally 1 out of 5 women are assaulted on college campuses, that it is a higher rate on college campuses than the general population, we have to bring this to an end," said Virginia Senator Mark Warner (D-VA). "This is almost an epidemic."

"It is definitely happening at every single campus," said Laura Dunn, a sexual assault survivor.

Complaints have been filed against dozens of schools for not doing enough to help survivors, or even trying to cover up the alleged crime.

At this time, 145 colleges and universities across the country are under investigation for possible violations of Title IX. The Federal Law that requires schools to provide adequate accommodations for all students, including those that have been sexually assaulted.

"When you hear the stories, particularly from victims who have had their lives dramatically altered by these incidences, in many cases the perpetrators having no sanction. You just got to say, 'enough is enough,'" Warner said.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington is not under investigation, but they are paying close attention to the schools that are.

The university has made several revisions to their misconduct policy and worked hard to follow new guidelines that are coming down about how campuses must report sexual assaults. In 2014,16 sex offenses were reported at UNCW.

Learn more about UNCW's policy in a special report Wednesday on Fox Wilmington News at 10. Bailey Hicks will will explain details of the policy and changes the university has made. Also learn more about a new legislation Warner is backing to hold all campuses accountable.

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