Wilmington Treatment Center

Wilmington Treatment Center

Wilmington Treatment Center
2520 Troy Drive
Wilmington, NC 28401
(877) 762-3750

What kind of services and programs do you offer for heroin users?
At Wilmington Treatment Center, we offer detoxification, inpatient rehab,  partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services.  Our process includes medical and nursing care lead by our Medical Director, Dr. Bernard Gottschalk as well as group counseling. Patients will be introduced to the disease concept as well as learn strength based coping skills for relapse prevention.

Do you provide detox?
Yes. As a licensed hospital, we offer detoxification. We have multiple detox protocols and for opiate detox, our protocols are generally 14-18 days. We offer 24 hour/day nursing care during this process. Also during the detox phase of treatment, patients will meet with their counselors and attend groups.

Do I have to stay on site or can I commute from home?
All patients stay at our facility for detoxification and rehab level of care. As they transition to our lower level of care, partial hospitalization with our free boarding component. Once patients transition to outpatient services, they can return to their home environment or we can assist with placement into a local halfway house.

For how long?
Our inpatient programming is for up to 28 days depending on how the individual transitions through treatment. Outpatient services is 4 days per week for 32 total sessions or an average of six weeks.

What will it cost?
Our treatment costs vary depending on level of care and length of stay. Our complete inpatient stay for 28 days is $11,000. We have a financial counselor that can discuss options prior to being admitted.

Do you take insurance?
Yes, we take most major medical insurances including Tricare. Co-pays and deductibles will be discussed prior to admission.

What kind of success rate does your program have?
Success rates for substance abuse treatment vary and are difficult to define. For some of our patient completing detox or our program is a success. For many, being sober for a month is a success. Currently 80% of our clients complete treatment.

What kind of support is offered after I complete your program?
Upon discharge from our program, we will work with our patients to determine the next steps to their recovery. We recommend follow up with an intensive outpatient program, individual counselors, sober living and at times long term treatment. We also introduce all patients to AA and/or NA meetings. Upon completion of our programming, patients are enrolled in our alumni association. The Alumni meet throughout the month an attend AA/NA Meetings, weekly breakfast gatherings, social activities and a month fellowship meeting.

Where are you located?
Our inpatient facility is located at 2520 Troy Drive in Wilmington. We are less than a mile from New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Our outpatient programs are located in Wilmington (1524 Harbour Drive) and Raleigh (3801 Lake Boone Trail).

What will I need to bring with me?
Our patients bring about a week's worth of comfortable clothing including exercise wear for our weekly outings. Also we ask patients to bring all current medications and personal toiletries.

What kind of confidentiality do you offer guests?
We are governed by the State of North Carolina and the Joint Commission, therefore we follow all federal confidentiality guidelines also known at HIPPA.

Do you offer a crisis hotline? What's the phone number?
Our 24 hours a day crisis/admissions line is 800-992-3671

When I'm ready to seek treatment, how do I get in touch with you?
Call our compassionate admissions team at 800-992-3671 or you can email the team at wtcadmissions@crchealth.com  Via phone, we have staff available 24 hours a day.