Pink Ribbon luncheon set to be one of the most unique in 18 year history

Pink Ribbon luncheon set to be one of the most unique in 18 year history

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - When hundreds of women and some men step into the ballroom at the Wilmington Convention Center Thursday, October 1, they can expect to hear something they haven't heard before - the chairperson of the annual Pink ribbon luncheon is bringing in gospel music.

"After experiencing the joy of the St. Stephen AME choir at a funeral, of all things, I knew they would set the tone for a positive and uplifting event," said Christian Swiers, chairperson for the 2015 Pink Ribbon luncheon.

Swiers, a breast cancer survivor and white, says she wanted to be more diverse this year and wanted to bring attention to the fact that breast cancer comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

The choral group at St. Stephen AME is made up of African American singers.

"The St. Stephen Choir joining us at the luncheon underscores the fact that need doesn't just look like I do. It comes in every color and from every walk of life," Swiers explained.

According to the American Cancer Society, more black women are likely to die from breast cancer than white women. The ACS reports that for every 100 breast cancers diagnosed, black women had nine more deaths than white women.

"We want to share what the Pink Ribbon Project does throughout all of our community so as many lives as possible can be saved through early detection and mammography," Swiers said.

Monies raised from the luncheon will pay for mammograms for women who are uninsured and comfort bags for women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

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