Huckabee appoints Woody White to "NC Leadership Team"

Huckabee appoints Woody White to "NC Leadership Team"

Little Rock, AR (WECT) - Former Arkansas Governor and current Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has appointed New Hanover County Commissioner Woody White as a member of his "North Carolina Leadership Team". A post on Huckabee's website listed White as leading the Huckabee for President State Steering Committee.

Huckabee endorsed White's campaign for the 7th District Congressional seat in 2014, even stopping in Wilmington for fundraising events. Huckabee later endorsed David Rouzer's campaign after Rouzer won the GOP primary against White and Chris Andrade.

"It's an endorsement he (Huckabee) asked for, and I was happy to give," White said in a message tonight. White said he will advise Huckabee ion the state's primary process, and assist in advocacy and fundraising. White added it will not impact his duties as county commissioner.

U.S. Representative Charles Taylor and Pastor Mark Harris, a former candidate for Governor in North Carolina, are both listed as Huckabee for President State Chairs. Wayne Langston is State Grassroots Co-Chair.

"North Carolina is a key plank to our campaign strategy, and I'm energized by the groundswell of conservative support we have across the Tar Heel State," Huckabee said in a statement included in the website post. "Brick by brick, we have a strong grassroots team that is swelling across the country that will power us through the Republican primary."

Huckabee also announced leadership teams in Georgia, Tennessee and Arkansas.

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