City prepares for potential flooding in the area

City prepares for potential flooding in the area

Heavy rain in the port city could create flooding problems.

Storm water crews are preparing for possible flooding by helping clean out some of the drains and sewers.

One way they are doing this is using Vac-Con's, sewer cleaning trucks, which help with the flow of the storm water in the sewers around the city.

They hold up to 1500 gallons of water in a tank.

City Information Officer Malissa Talbert said the city is in the process of making sure the drains are prepared for the weekend rain.

"We have lots of experience with this, so we'll have crews on rotating basis. Many of our crews will be on standby as opposed to actually working so we'll be efficient and won't actually activate them unless we know we really need to and we try to be judicial with using our funds,"

Talbert advises residents not to throw anything into the drains as it will cause the drain to clog and eventually flood into the streets.

Anyone who sees flooding in their area is asked to call the City of Wilmington drainage and maintenance at (910) 341-4646.

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