Pender County Animal Shelter sees record summer for cats and kittens

Pender County Animal Shelter sees record summer for cats and kittens

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The Pender County Animal Shelter is seeing anywhere from 5 to 30 cats and kittens brought into the shelter daily. It has been a record summer for the shelter, and it does not seem to be slowing down.

"Typically, your kitten season tends to start in the beginning of April and run until the end of June, sometimes July," shelter manager Jewell Horton explained.

But this year the shelter is still seeing litters of kittens brought in almost daily and it's now September.

"You come back from lunch and they are lining the hallway where Animal Control has just dropped off another 10 or 15," Horton said.

More than 800 cats and kittens have come into the shelter since April. With so many, Horton said it is hard to find a spot for everyone.

"I think the record day I had has been 60 in one day. I have 45 cat enclosures, so depending on: are there cats and kittens that can go together? Are there kittens that are smaller that we can co-mingle? I can potentially almost have to wipe out the shelter to make space for the new ones because there is just not enough room for all of them here. There is just not enough people adopting them," said Horton. "I really have to play kitty Tetris to try not to have to put any to sleep because of what's coming in."

Shelter staff does everything they can, from getting creative in how they cage the kitties, to finding rescues for them, to putting their pictures up on Facebook and Craigslist. However, sometimes it is not enough.

"I feel like there is a fair amount of healthy cats that don't make it out because we get so bombarded from time to time," said Horton.

She said now, they need the communities help.

"In Pender County, because we are such a big county and there are so many unspayed cats running around, the kitten population is just unreal," Horton explained. "All these little guys they are friendly they are healthy, and they all deserve that chance at a perfect home. That is what we want for them, it is not their fault. They didn't create this problem."

The Pender County Animal Shelter is open for adoptions seven days a week.

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