Brunswick County group works to give dogs homes

Brunswick County group works to give dogs homes
Cheri McLain and two puppies up for adoption through RACE. (Source: WECT)

SHALLOTTE, NC (WECT) - Cheri McLain started an organization five years ago called Rescue Animals Community Effort (RACE) in an effort to help the overcrowding issue at the Brunswick County animal shelter.

"Once you've rescued them, and you know what happens when you don't rescue them, you can't stop doing it," said McLain, explaining the goal of RACE is to get animals out of the shelter and place them into foster homes throughout county instead.

While the dogs are in foster homes, they are able to learn commands, receive necessary medical care, and simply have people love them.

"When you rescue a dog, you free up space for us," McLain explained. "We can take in more dogs, and we can take them out of the shelters and it frees up space in the shelter, and that decreases the euthanasia rate by itself."

RACE has rescued and adopted out close to 1,000 dogs in the past five years. They currently have 22 foster owners taking care of Brunswick County animals. They want to see fewer dogs lose their lives and encourage local families to adopt their dogs.

McLain said there has been a decrease in euthanizations at the Brunswick County animal shelter over the past two years. She credits the sheriff's office, who is now in charge of the shelter, for the decrease.

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