Country music legend Charlie Daniels writes scathing letter to Congress

Country music legend Charlie Daniels writes scathing letter to Congress

Leland native and country music legend Charlie Daniels, famous for the hit The Devil Went Down to Georgia, wrote a scorching letter to Congress Monday. The letter was posted to The Charlie Daniels Band's Facebook page.

In the letter, titled "An Open Letter to Congress," Daniels first spoke of Americas past, and said the history of the nation "is written in the blood and courage of men who stood in the face of overwhelming odds, politicians, soldiers, statesmen and ordinary citizens who sought to do the right thing regardless of the cost or the consequences."

Daniels then changed his tone, addressing Congress as he said "that particular pen has run out of ink." He goes on to specifically target politicians, who he called "a breed of milksop, politically correct, scared of their own shadow, pushover, pathetic excuses for public servants who are supposed to be representing a constituency of citizens who have to live with the circumstances of their timid folly."

The country music legend then shifts the focus of his letter towards President Barack Obama.

"You have allowed Obama to tilt the Supreme Court so far to the left that they're little more than a shameful extension of the Executive Branch," Daniels wrote.

Daniels also attacked Congress on several topics, including watching "an impossible National Debt balloon completely out of control," allowing "corrupt government agencies like the IRS to run over the very people you are sworn to protect," and for talking about the "porous southern border" and doing nothing about it.

He continued to target Congress, calling members a "bunch of sold-out, jaded, burned-out hacks," and stating, "[Congress is] no longer men, you're puppets, you're caricatures, jokes a gaggle of fading prostitutes for sale to anybody who can do you a political favor."

As of Wednesday morning, the Facebook post had over 12,000 likes, 10,000 shares and 5,000 of comments. You can read Daniels' full letter here.

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