11th ONeill/Sweetwater Pro-Am Surf winners

11th ONeill/Sweetwater Pro-Am Surf winners

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - Surfers battled little surf at the final day of the 11th ONeill/Sweetwater Pro-Am Surf fest. This year winners took home $25,000 in cash and prizes. The event is one of the largest surfing contests on the East Coast. Here are the winners.

Men's long board
1. Brad Rose
2. Brycen Jernigan
3. Jesse Heter
4. Sean Brennan

Girls long board
1. Karson Lewis
2. Kate Easton
3. Kat Neff
4. Julia Eckel

Girls Short Board
1. Molly Kirk
2. Katie Gordon
3. Grace Mukenfuss
4. Sydney Pittman

14 under
1. Micah Canton
2. Seth Brown
3.Tyson Royston
4. Corey Jackson

15 over
1. Shane Burn
2. Luke Gordon
3. Micah Cantor
4. Robbie McCormick

Pro Final
1. Luke Gordon
2. Evan Thompson
3. Aaron Cormier
4. Jeremy Johnson

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