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Nimble ISIS can be defeated, Obama says

Allied warplanes attack ISIS positions in the Middle East.  (Source: ISIS/CNN) Allied warplanes attack ISIS positions in the Middle East. (Source: ISIS/CNN)

WASHINGTON, DC (CNN) - The United States and its allies launched waves of new airstrikes against ISIS. At the same time, ISIS is still gaining ground.
And President Barack Obama says the group is growing.

A show of force by the United States. Warplanes bomb ISIS’ base of power. One attack targeted just one of 16 ISIS-controlled bridges destroyed.
It's the kind of progress Obama wants to talk about.

"ISIL can and will be defeated,” Obama says.  ISIS is known by the government as ISIL.

A total of 18 airstrikes hit on July 4, several happening in in populated areas. The president says the United States is stepping up the fight against ISIS in Syria.

But it won't be won overnight. "This will not be quick. This is a long-term campaign. ISIL is opportunistic and it is nimble,” Obama says. Especially since the terror group is growing gaining strength in two continents.

And has become skilled in recruiting people like men in Israel, one who is a teacher accused of singing ISIS inspired songs to students. Many fear Americans are the number one target for terrorists.

“I do believe it is a clear and present danger, but we have to unleash our military to get the job done and they will get it done,” said Jason Chaffetz, R-UT, chairman of the House oversight and government reform committee.

While the president doesn't plan to send more American troops, he says the United States has to adapt to fight this enemy in what he calls a generational struggle.

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