An Elementary Wedding

In walk the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They're all kindergarteners at Eaton Elementary.

It's a marriage of small proportions. As the 5-year-old bride makes her way down the aisle, proud parents document the moment.

"I 'Miss U" take you, 'Mr. Q' to be my husband," said Caroline MacDonald.

Five-year-old Christoffer Walker and Caroline represent letters Q and U.

The kids are studying the alphabet, and to understand that Q and U almost always go hand in hand, the class staged a wedding.

Their teacher, Cara Harriman, served as minister.

"When you as the congregation see Mr. Q, you will always find Mrs. U by his side, in each and every word," Harriman announced

"I would now like to present "Mr. and Mrs. Q-U."

To the cheers of friends and family, the now "married letters" head to the reception.

The couple cuts the cake, and the class enjoys their Valentine's Day party.

For Caroline, it's all about the dress.

"Ms. Harriman let me wear it at the wedding," Caroline said. "And we all learned our alphabet."

"They never forget it," Harriman said. "All the years I've been doing it, they always remember the wedding, and always remember when they write "Q," U is always beside it."

Asked if she is married, Caroline responded, "Yeah, but not for real. Because I'm only five!"

The groom was left speechless.

Asked if he got married, Christoffer said, "Yeah."

Was it pretty cool? "Yeah," he replied. 

For better or worse ... Joined together forever ... At least as letters.

Reported by Sara Straeten