Correctional officer was convicted a year before prison hired her

Correctional officer was convicted a year before prison hired her
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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A state correctional officer accused of stealing a $30,000 wedding ring and other items from a medical facility while an inmate received treatment last week was convicted of larceny a year before the prison hired her.

Cynthia Daly, 53 of Whiteville, an officer at Tabor Correctional Institution, allegedly stole a purse, wedding ring and a set of keys belonging to a UNC Health Care employee in Chapel Hill on June 2, according to a police report. She reportedly used the keys to gain access to a Toyota Highlander.

The UNC police report said Daly was involuntarily committed following the incident. After her release, she will face charges including felony larceny and breaking and entering to a vehicle, according to UNC Public Safety spokesman Randy Young.

Daly was hired as a correctional officer in January 2008, a year after being convicted of misdemeanor larceny. Whiteville police say Daly stole jewelry from Belk's department store in December 2006.

According to state law, correctional officers cannot have been convicted of misdemeanors for three years. The Department of Justice's Criminal Justice Standards Division is responsible for verifying that applicants meet the requirements.

Richard Squires, the divison's deputy director, said personnel laws prevent him from disclosing an individual's certification file, but he confirmed that Daly was certified Jan. 28, 2008.

Squires said during the hiring process, the agency is required to conduct a criminal history check of local, state and national files.

"If the individual was charged with an alias that may not come back with a hit on the name in the system," Squires said. "If the agency decides to hire the individual, a certification request that requires the individual to list all their criminal convictions is completed. The information on the certification request is verified by the hiring agency by comparing what is listed to what came back from the criminal record checks and the fingerprint results."

The Department of Public Safety website lists multiple aliases for Daly, including Cynthia Murray Daly, Cynthia Luwanna Daly and Wanda Daly.

Squires said if Daly failed to disclose a criminal conviction, the commission will review the alleged rule violation.

Daly was still employed as a correctional officer Tuesday, according to a Department of Public Safety spokesman.

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