Survey shows citizens confident in Wilmington city government

Survey shows citizens confident in Wilmington city government

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A recent survey has revealed new information about the public's opinion of the City of Wilmington.

The survey conducted by ETC Institute, Inc. revealed that the levels of satisfaction with city services have continued to improve recently.

A presentation from City of Wilmington Spokesperson Malissa Talbert stated that citizens are generally confident in the local government and think Wilmington is a good place to live.

46 of the 80 categories saw increased approval from citizens. Categories like biking trails, solid waste services, value received for city taxes/fees and effectiveness of city communications all received greater satisfaction ratings than they have in the past.

However, since the last survey was conducted in 2012, satisfaction with city services has decreased in 11 areas.

The two areas with the greatest satisfaction decreases were 'city efforts to prevent crime' and 'the variety of rec classes and classes offered to the public.'

The survey also revealed that the top three sources of city information are local TV news, the city newsletter, and the local newspaper.

Talbert said the survey cost the city $20,000 and was extended to 2,400 people. She said 800 of those distributed surveys were returned and evaluated.

Talbert elaborated that the survey allows the city leaders to hear from all of the citizens, and not just the few community members that show up to the city council meetings.

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