COPY-Special Report: Bullying Investigations in New Hanover County Schools

Every time bullying is reported in a New Hanover County School, a trained staff member investigates to see if it is bullying.

"Most campuses have anywhere from three to five bullying investigators, but there are investigators on every campus in New Hanover County Schools," explained Judy Stubblefield, the Bullying Prevention Coordinator for the school system.

According to Stubblefield, most reports of bullying come from the middle schools.

"That is where the highest reporting is coming from, around seventh grade," Stubblefield explained. "Then at the high school level, most of our reports are coming from the ninth grade."

In the 2013 - 2014 school year, a total of 400 bullying investigations took place resulting in 148 cases of confirmed bullying and 44 cases of confirmed harassment.

Bailey Hicks will explain more about the investigation process during a special report Thursday on WECT News at 11. Learn what happens when investigations are complete and what school officials have to say about the lower number of confirmed cases compared to reports.

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