Commissioner criticizes New Hanover County's 'Chairman's Chat'

Commissioner criticizes New Hanover County's 'Chairman's Chat'

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - One New Hanover County commissioner has taken issue with a county-produced video series.

Jonathan Barfield, chair of the commission, currently partakes in an online series of videos known as the "Chairman's Chat." In the videos, he discusses legislative issues facing the county.

Commissioner Woody White has taken issue with the video series.

"Devoting a thirty minute television station and encompassing county staff, radio ad budgets, production, expenses and things like that seems to be an unnecessary thing to me on a month-to-month basis," explained White.

White said that when he was the chairman of the commissioners for two years, he chose not to produce the chat videos.

"I just felt like it brought too much attention to one commissioner and was not the best use of staff's time," said White.

The commissioner said the videos are produced monthly by Barfield and county staffers and that a couple hundred dollars are spent promoting the videos with radio advertisements.

White stated that the production of the video series is another example of unnecessary spending at the local level.

"I just think that over time, we need to continue to make sure our commissioners make good decisions with taxpayer dollars," said White.

In an email to county staffers, White said he would like to further review the county's $42,000 advertising budget.

Barfield declined to comment for this story.

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