My Turn: What are the good things in the community despite the violence?

My Turn: What are the good things in the community despite the violence?

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - We've had a lot of violence in our community so far this year. These tragic incidents have taken loved ones and rattled our sense of security to some extent. Overall, I feel safe in this community, but I'm not as comfortable as I used to be.

The police chief recently noted that unless you are involved in illegal activity, your chances of being a victim of violent crime, while still present, are small. And I tend to agree with that.

But at the same time, I feel like this is a good time for all of us to come together and figure out how to take this community back from the trouble makers who are starting to change the perception of this city.

I'd love to hear from you. Are you involved in an organization or project that is working to improve our lives? Do you know someone who is doing something who is making a difference?

Email me your examples of some of the good things that are going on right here in our community so our news folks can highlight some people that are fighting to keep this one of the best places to live in this country.

That's my turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I agree, I basically feel safe BUT I have seen a big increase in crime in the seven years I've lived in the area. Projects, community watch programs etc etc are all good things, however, the family unit is the single most important thing. These young people, for the most part, are looking for acceptance by a group/substitute family. I don't have the answer just an opinion.


While watching "My Turn" tonight you asked for names of folks who are making a difference in Wilmington, my first thought was the crew from First Baptist Church who feed the homeless in our community EVERY Tuesday night...NO MATTER WHAT! Gary Harris is the sweet soul behind this beautiful ministry. It's a story full of Godwinks & love!


I seen your broadcast during the 6:00 news segment asking for examples of people volunteering in the community to improve our city and having an impact that reduces crime. An organization that was started last year called Port City Select, is working to help youth through playing basketball and having a positive impact on youth.


I listened to your segment last night on "Your Turn" and you talked about who do we know is making a difference in community to deter crime, etc. Well, the person I know is no stranger to the community and has been out here on the battle field fighting crime and making a difference for over 20 years; his name is James Jamison Jr. He is Pastor of Hope Baptist Church for All Nations, Police Chaplain, Safety & Security Officer for Wilmington Housing Authority and Coordinator of Boots on the Ground.

• Hope Baptist Church for All Nations-Has another church he started for the homeless "Church Without Walls" feeding the homeless every Sunday for 10 years now.

• Police Chaplain-Police have someone to talk to about their issues in dealing with the public or personal issues

• Safety & Security Officer for WHA-liaison between the WHA & Police Department helping fight Crime on all Public Housing Developments

• Boots on the Ground-Prayer walk one of the Public Housing developments once per month and serve food, talk to residents about crime etc. March 7, 2015 he has coordinated a march in the East Wilmington Area where there has been a number of shootings around Henry, Manly, Maids & Mosely streets.

• Pastor Jamison is no stranger to the community, he started J.A.M. (Juvenile Awareness Movement when he returned here in 1993 from the Military from USAF as Police Officer.

• N.I.G.H.T S.H.I.F.T was started to talk to kids hanging out at night on the street corners.

• Christmas Store-created a store for Christmas for inner city low income families who could purchase bicycles, toys etc., at a minimal fee for their kids for Christmas.

• Camp Hope-Took inner city kids to summer camp for 2 weeks.

There are so many programs Pastor Jamison has started and continues to bring to the community, to bring about awareness and help deter crime and make this place a better place to live. This was just to name a few.