The Last Sisterhood

For years, women answered a higher calling from God to become nuns or sisters and held an important role within the Catholic Church. These days, when one of the few remaining sisters answers a call, it's on her smartphone. There is no younger generation of nuns coming to take their place, so the nuns that remain are the last of the sisterhood.

Even with a lessened role in the church, these women have been strong pillars of the community as teachers, leaders, and public servants. They work long hours for little pay and often serve in emotionally exhausting roles.

There are only four sisters left in Wilmington. Three live in a convent beside St. Mary's Basilica, and they serve on college campuses, shelters, and schools.

Things have changed quite a bit since these women gave their life over to the church. The Catholic Church has made a move to modernize, and with that move came fewer nuns, relaxed dress code, and less rigid rules.

These women are much more than just ladies working for the Lord. They are scholars, world travelers, and downright hilarious. This Wednesday on Fox Wilmington News at 10, meet Wilmington's nuns, see what they wear now instead of habits, learn about the good works they do in our community, and find out how far they've made it through House of Cards.

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