Bulletproof Coffee: Is it worth a taste?

Bulletproof Coffee: Is it worth a taste?
Bulletproof Coffee

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - You probably like to drink coffee in the morning and use butter in your cooking, but have you ever considered putting them together?

If you're a regular at Crossfit or a participant in the Paleo community you've probably heard of "Bulletproof" coffee, the latest craze for getting a carb-free energy fix.

Tibetans have been putting yak butter in tea for ages in order to survive in a harsh climate. Though most Americans do not live in similarly harsh climates, that's the inspiration of the brand, Bulletproof, founded by Dave Asprey.

The high-fat, low-carb coffee with grass-fed butter in it is designed to replace breakfast, give you energy to power through your day or morning workout, and packs about 450 calories of liquid fat.

But does Bulletproof coffee really live up to its name?

Casey Roman takes a look at some of the science and claims behind Bulletproof coffee and gives the fatty latte a taste test Monday night at 11 on WECT News.

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