My Turn: Trusting the WPD

My Turn: Trusting the WPD
As children and teens go missing, Wilmington Police said it is important to file a detailed report in order to better search for the missing person. (Source: WECT)

The Wilmington Police Department wants you to trust them, and I think we should try to do that. But the image the police are requesting through a new public service announcement campaign is flying in the face of some issues that appear to be hounding the department in recent days.

It wasn't intended to be public, but a letter from the city manager for Wilmington indicates that there is unprofessional behavior and a violation of policies taking place inside the police department. The chief says he can't and won't talk about it or what's being done. Basically, just trust him that it's being taken care of.

But in this case, hiding behind personnel law as an excuse and expecting trust to follow isn't going to happen. I think in this case, a leader needs to explain in as general terms as possible what happened and what they're doing about it.

I've known Chief Evangelous to be open on prior issues and I hope he finds a way to handle this in a way that complies with the law, but also gives us some level of comfort that we still have reason to trust our police department.

Ronald Reagan used to say "trust but verify." That's kind of hard to do in this case.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

This op grabbed my attention as I've often thought about how I feel about our local police force compared to how I've felt about those in other cities I've lived in. I have lived in central PA, southern CA, and a long spell in northern VA in a suburb of Washington DC. I have found that our WPD is one of the best forces I've had the pleasure and in cases displeasure of interacting with. I have found that unless you are blatantly and recklessly breaking the law our local police officers do not harass you. I've seen other forces out on what seemed like a mission to nit pick any possible excuse for a violation of the law they could possibly find. I have seen other forces, both large and small, spend so much of their time and effort seeking out any excuse to pull you over and/or search your vehicle for no reason that it feels as if they are "the enemy."

In my experience Wilmington police seem fair and just. They seem to be focused on reducing crime as their first priority rather than racking up citation totals or using every routine traffic stop as and excuse to try and search for more violations of the law. I feel fortunate to have our force here in Wilmington. If I could change anything about the force it would be for them to be even less afraid of offending people, less "politically correct," and aggressively target the heart of the crime and violence that is happening in this city. I don't think there is any confusion as to where the murders robberies and assaults are coming from and/or what neighborhoods the bulk of these crimes happen in. People who violate the law and commit these acts of violence deserve to be arrested and prosecuted regardless of any factor other than reasonable doubt to justify an arrest or warrant. Our police can not be asked to perform their duties and risk their lives while walking a tight rope trying not to offend people. That's my opinion and I'm grateful for our officers.


what a joke, I've been a cab driver in wilming over 18 years, police have been getting worse, every encounter I ever had with them, I find most just have big egos andabsolutelyy no bed side manners, a good start would be to have then take some type of sensitivy classes, because they usually just act like thugs and bullies with guns, most forget they are to serve and protect people not to harrass and intimidate them.


I PERSONALLY found out the BRUNSWICK COUNTY'S JUDICIAL SYSTEM is NOT ONLY !! Not TRUST WORTHY but they have a bad case of self preservation. They BEND the LAW to suit their needs and I can PROVE IT but you guys DON'T want to HEAR THAT!! I have been fighting them for over a year.I have been tortured, harassed, stalked,and my RIGHTS VIOLATED but you guys DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT!!

I am an OUTSTANDING CITIZEN in my COMMUNITY. One of the most out going people you will ever meet. I have requested the opportunity to tell you guys my story . But Yall refuse to respond to my EMAILS. But the last time I contacted WWAY they showed up. The short of it is ! I was ACCUSED of KIDNAPPING by a MAN WHO LIED ON ME BECAUSE I TOLD HIS GIRLFRIEND'S FAMILY THAT HE WAS BEATING ON HER.

So he got MAD and called 911 and said I kidnapped his girlfriend. But Brunswick County didn't report it to Yall apparently because everyone I know said it never showed up on T.V. and they wouldn't even talk to WWAY . But don't worry am gonna get my story out there even if I have to put it on YOUTUBE!! So THANK YOU !!! W.ith G.ods L.ove