Your Turn: Commissioners should play by the same rules

Your Turn: Commissioners should play by the same rules
The North Carolina Auditor's office noted the Superior Court Clerk's office in New Hanover County was slow in transferring some funds to the Treasurer. (Source: Raycom Media)

Not many topics have lit up the Your Turn mailbox like the subject of three New Hanover County Commissioners not wanting to play by the same rules as the other county employees when traveling on the taxpayers' dime. And the interesting thing I'm seeing in all this is that the commissioners who want to keep it that way don't have any support from the folks who are communicating with us.

Marvin wrote:

"So often they try to hide their little extras and perks behind the fog that is budgeted spending thinking no one-especially the average tax payer- will ever see their hand in the cookie jar or coloring outside the lines."

Tannis had this to say:

"… is arrogant behavior and indicative of poor leadership to set limits on employees and place yourself above such limits…"

Chip adds:

"I will never accept that my tax dollars should pay for commissioners to attend black tie fund raisers or social events. I pay for my ticket to attend, why should I pay for their ticket."

And there is strong sentiment that we should keep this on the front burner. People like Joseph said this:

"…put the heat on them and keep it there until a new policy is in place that satisfies the taxpayers."

If you agree, let us hear from you.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

The arrogance of these people! They are counting on people forgetting about this. Please rewind this issue just before the next election and remind us which commissioners refused to change.


The travel allowance for Commissioners definitely should be the same as for all other employees! All Federal employees have the same travel allowances and they do allow for the location and time of year. It's Amazing that some of our Commissioners think that they are supposed to be treated better than the rest of our County Employees !


I lend my support for your investigation regarding how our tax $'s are spent, and also to Ms. McAdams (Amy) for her contributions.

To me, the most disturbing aspect about these stories is how the commissioners jump on the defensive when you clearly point out questionable behavior. The arrogance of Coudriet was especially evident when he was being interviewed regarding his travel and spending habits at local restaurants and eateries. Barfield is not any better, dodging questions by stringing together incomplete sentences of gibberish..truly disappointing and unsettling that these people occupy such positions of power.

At this stage, it would be appropriate for the NHCounty commissioners to be subjected to an ethics review and audit of their policies, rather than allowing them to continue down this path of mistrust.

Thanks for all that you do, and providing this forum.


This is a problem that appears in UNC administrations, city and county government, community colleges, school systems and everything else associated with any form of government. Do they want accountability? Hell no! The only path to achieving accountability is found in removal by election or recall tied to limits on time allowed to serve.


Agree with you


Maybe it's time to have a recall election of our commissioners and replace the top dogs that think they are better.


The biggest reason we have a problem is that people for these worthless do nothing spend you're money and accomplish nothing


I am a conservative. They need to abide by the rule. Keep it on the front burner.


Congratulations on keeping the pressure on the commisioners! Please continue to do so. I'm sure you have a lot of people like me that want the same. Renews my "liking channel 6 news