Special Report: Body Camera Concerns

Special Report: Body Camera Concerns

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - National discussions hail police body cameras as the key to solving transparency issues between law enforcement and the community. This comes after riots erupted in Ferguson, Missouri over the officer shooting death of Michael Brown last year.

In December, The White House asked for $263 million in funding for police body cameras and training aimed at settling what President Obama called a "simmering distrust" between cops and community members.

"This time will be different because the president of the United States is deeply vested in making it different," Obama said.

But are cameras the transparency cure-all people expect them to be?

"There's this attitude it's the panacea. It's going to fix everything and it's not," Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said.

In a special report on Thursday, FOX Wilmington's Emily DeVoe investigates the restrictions that will bar the public from accessing some of the videos, even if you're the subject of one.

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