My Turn: New grading scale for schools in North Carolina

My Turn: New grading scale for schools in North Carolina

Most of us can recall report card days when we were in school. Those were usually difficult days for me - I guess I got what I deserved.

Thanks to a grading scale most all of us grew up with, we understand what an "A" means and what an "F" means. This week our schools in North Carolina are finding that out.

The state has moved to a new grading scale for schools based on test scores and achievement. Some people like it and many do not.

I understand it can be jarring and even embarrassing if your child's school received a failing grade. The fact is we've graded our schools for years with dozens of metrics, but this is the first time we're putting an easy to understand letter grade to it.

Hopefully, for schools that have lower grades, this can be an eye opening call to action - just like my report card used to be. But this call to action is not just for teachers, it's also for parents and others who have a vested interest in the future of your children and generations to come.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

There are many reasons why Acme Delco Elementary has low grades one reason is that the principal doesn't take care of problems when you address them to her for example there is a pre k teacher that has/had been changed with assault and harassment.

And for Delco middle School the principal so worried about being fashionable and how she is dressed and being friend with the parents instead of doing her job and making sure that everything is being done in the classroom.


I'm just wondering just how much of this grading system takes into account the Tom Tillis and friends cuts to the education budget.