The Biggest Sunday Night of Them All

The Biggest Sunday Night of Them All

The countdown is over...Super Bowl XLIX is officially here for the biggest Sunday night of them all. Tonight, the Seattle Seahawks will face the New England Patriots in America's favorite championship.

Broadway star Idina Menzel is looking to make the national anthem her own, culminating a lifelong dream forged by watching football with her father. She plans to sing the song live, so that her rendition captures what she is feeling at the moment.

There are rumors that Missy Elliot will "Work it" with Katy Perry during the game's half time show. Perry also hinted Thursday at Elliot's involvement in the Super Bowl act, which also will feature Lenny Kravitz.

Not only will tonight's game will be broadcast in 180 countries worldwide, it will also be stream online. You can find a link to the live stream of the Super Bowl at the top of

If you're heading to a Super Bowl party or hosting one of your own, WECT would love to be part of the big event. More than 25.7 million tweets will be sent during the game, and WECT will add to the number.

Be part of the conversation throughout the game by using #SuperBowlWECT in your tweets, and by following @WECTNews, @JonEvansWECT, @FranWellerWECT, and @AlexGilesNews.

Don't worry, if you can still join the conversation even if you're not into the game - you know they'll be talking about the commercials too! In fact, here's a list of 10 Super Bowl ads you'll probably be talking about.

And if that's not enough entertainment for you...check out the season premiere of "The Blacklist" right after the post game show. After months of putting the world's most dangerous people behind bars, criminal-mastermind-turned-FBI-asset Raymond "Red" Reddington and his team are suddenly facing their greatest challenge yet. One of his most dangerous adversaries – a mysterious man named Berlin – has come to America with a score to settle, and he will stop at nothing to take down Red and the team.

You'll want to stick around after "The Blacklist" for a special edition of WECT News. We've been keeping an eye on how local state facilities manage the items YOUR money buys. Your tax dollars pay for all sorts of things at state schools and facilities, everything from cell phones to big ticket items, like statues and golf carts.

The Department of Public Safety keeps a list of all state-owned equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged. We found that thousands of dollars of items end up lost, stolen or damaged.

WECT's Ashlea Kosikowski takes a closer look at what's on the list Sunday night during the special edition of WECT News.

Whew! What a jammed-pack night! We hope to see you during the game on Twitter.

Have a fun and safe night!