No Text No Wrecks: Wilmington man creates software to stop texting and driving

No Text No Wrecks: Wilmington man creates software to stop texting and driving

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Foster Oliver has made it his life goal to stop the practice of simultaneous texting and driving.

Oliver was previously involved in a serious car accident and said the driver that caused the accident was texting and driving.

He reached out to DesignLoud, a Wilmington-based web and graphic design studio, to create the software necessary to stop texting and driving.

Oliver is now ready to release his product,

, to the public.

The software blocks all phone use once a driver exceeds a certain speed limit.

"We had to get a software that was designed to eliminate and eradicate texting and driving," Oliver explained.

Oliver elaborated that parents are to be the ones controlling the program. They get a passcode and the children get the application on their phones.

"The child's not going to be able to talk or text, or even go to social media. They can't do anything," Oliver said.

He said the parental figures are needed to enforce the use of the application by teens.

“If they tamper with it, it notifies their parent immediately, and then the parent takes the responsibility to get on their teenage driver,” Oliver said.

The founder said No Text No Wrecks sends automatic text responses if someone tries to contact an app user while they are driving. There is also an emergency button in case 911 needs to be dialed while driving.

“It just isn't worth it and that's the message we're sending. We can stop it. We're gonna stop it,” Oliver said.

Oliver said No Text No Wrecks will be available for purchase and download next week on Android phones. It cost $8.95 a month to register four users for the software service.

He said he hopes the product will be available for Apple iPhones by the end of 2015.

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