Jim Fish recognized for his mission to help senior citizens

Jim Fish recognized for his mission to help senior citizens

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - WECT is starting a new series in 2015 to honor a person in our community each month who goes above and beyond to serve others.

This month, we spotlight Jim Fish, a Brunswick County man whose primary focus is to make sure all senior citizens in the County have adequate meals and services provided to them.

Fish says he knew early in life that his mission would be helping senior citizens.

"It began growing up with a grandmother in our home," said Fish, of Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc. "She had experienced a health situation after her retirement, so she actually came to live with us, so growing up, my best friend was my grandmother and that experience helped me to understand the respect the importance of seniors."

Today, Fish is the CEO of Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc., a non-profit agency that provides over 20 different services to seniors in Brunswick County. Tremendous growth has taken place in helping seniors, including the opening of nine senior centers and nutritional sites spread throughout the county.

"Jim actually talks with the seniors, he visits with the seniors, and she knows what the seniors need and responds to what they need by expanding programs, expanding services," said Debra Marlowe, of Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc.

One of his major projects is making sure all seniors are fed properly.

"If you head the problem of malnourishment off at the pass, it prevents a whole litany of other problems associated with medications, diabetes, heart troubles, dementia, so many other things that could be associated with that problem,"Fish explained.

Meals on Wheels are delivered Monday - Friday. After a recent food grant program expired, it left the seniors without any food they could use during the weekends.

"Realizing this, Jim implemented the 'Basket of Love' program," said Marlowe said.

That's the program that uses donated and purchased food items that are placed in special baskets and delivered along with their regular Friday "Meals on Wheels," and are also available at the nutrition sites in order to make sure seniors have food to eat on Saturdays and Sundays.

"He is an easy leader to follow because he truly believes in what he is doing here at BSRI," Marlowe said.

"You know, I see treasures there, these are people who have lived valuable and important lives, and those folks deserve the opportunity to be served at this point in their life and I take that commitment very deeply and I have deep affection for our seniors," Fish said.

We are happy to recognize Jim Fish as our January Jefferson Award local nominee.

To nominate someone to be recognized as a Jefferson Award winner, click here: http://bit.ly/1BfVHQw February's category is 'Good Neighbors."

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