My Turn: Ways to make the college football playoff system even better

My Turn: Ways to make the college football playoff system even better

For the first time in the history of college football we have a national champion of the top division determined by a playoff system and an honest to goodness national championship game. Congratulations to Ohio State.

It's been a long time coming and there is no perfect system. But the NCAA has made progress on this and I want to throw in my two cents on what will ultimately make it work even better.

First, add one more playoff round by expanding the field to eight teams. Ohio State is about as underdog as it is going to get under the present four team playoff. If they can win it all with a third-string quarterback, there has to be the possibility of a lower seed making it there.

And lastly, designate at least one of those spots for a team from one of the non-power conferences. That way every school competing in that division has a shot at playing for a national championship. That isn't the case right now and I think it is just flat-out wrong to have teams like East Carolina in that division when they have absolutely no chance of playing for the national title.

My changes wouldn't put an end to the debates on this issue…but they would go a long way toward making it better for the fans and the smaller teams.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

While it would be nice to have a mid-major or a smaller school in the playoff system, you must look at a several factors: strength of schedule, wins/losses. You can't just stick an ECU in the playoffs because a select few want them there.

Personally, I would love for Duke to be in the title game (again), but that is something they will have to earn. As it is right now, any of the four playoff teams would annihilate them.


Nice playoff article – and nice mention of East Carolina – Outstanding football program – Go Pirates!