My Turn: Choosing teams for NCAA playoff

My Turn: Choosing teams for NCAA playoff

There are plenty more important things going on in our world today than College Football's new playoff system. But I need to vent a little about an arrangement that I think is terribly flawed.

College football fans begged for a true playoff system for the very top NCAA division. The smaller divisions have successfully used a 16 game playoff for years to crown a national champion.

There is plenty to debate about this new 4 team playoff. But the most glaring for me is that it is impossible for roughly half the teams in that division to be able to compete for the championship. I think that's a travesty.

This new system places so much emphasis on strength-of-schedule that schools in five of the ten conferences can't attain a spot in the playoff, because they cannot put together a schedule equivalent with the big programs.

This takes away any possibility of a Cinderella story. Under this system, there will be no long-shot. There will be no underdog to root for. And if you think about it, isn't that the one thing we love most about the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I agree with you. We need the cinderella stories to keep us human. Get a poll together let's vote it out. Powers in the people. Not the people with the power.


I see why your "My turn" segment I saw this morning aired so early. It was filled with veiled contempt against the big football programs that are entering the playoffs and ultimate BCS National Championship Game. As an alumnae of The University of Alabama, rest assured we do take our schedule into account. All programs should work that way, depending on their particular difficulty level. The physical contact of basketball is apples and oranges in comparison to the level of competition, physical contact, and skill that encompasses football! Keep your ACC basketball, I'll keep my SEC football.