Next Glass app predicts your perfect brew

Next Glass app can tell you your new favorite beer. (Source: WECT)
Next Glass app can tell you your new favorite beer. (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Chances are you have ordered a drink based on someone else's recommendation and did not like it. That's won't be the case since the local Wilmington company, Next Glass, launched their new app.

The app called Next Glass, breaks down the science of each beer, and predicts if you will like a specific bottle of drink before you take a sip. However, before they could launch their app, the company had to collect every bottle of craft beer made throughout the United States.

"I said we've got this wild idea," said Next Glass founder, Kurt Taylor. "We are going to send a truck around the county to collect beer."

"My brother called me and said can you take a month off and do this for me," added Beer Guru, George Taylor. "And within 24 hours we were on the road."

From North Carolina, up to Maine, across the plains to California and back again. Next Glass employee's collected more than 15,000 individual craft beers. These beers were not for drinking; instead they made their way back to Next Glass headquarters for scientific testing.

"So that is what we set out to do is to define taste so that users can find a beer and wine that they are going to like," Taylor explained.

Next Glass defines taste by taking two milliliters of each beer and running it through a mass spectrometer that breaks down the chemical compound of each brew, creating a unique fingerprint of each type of beer.

The app is easy to navigate. Simply, download Next Glass to your phone, complete the tasting profile, then scan the label of a beer you think you would enjoy. Within seconds the app rates the likelihood of you enjoying that beer. The goal is to save consumers money and time instead of guess which drink they would like better.

Not only does the app rate your taste, it also gives you the calorie and alcohol percentage of the drink. Additionally, its Match Glass feature helps consumers find a cheaper brand of beer or wine that tastes the same so the top shelf beers.

"It's definitely been an exciting time for us," Taylor stated. "But we have a lot more things we want to accomplish so we can't lift up on the throttle yet."

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