CFCC puts new policy in place for use of vending profits

CFCC puts new policy in place for use of vending profits

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Cape Fear Community College has a new policy for the spending of institutional money by administrators.

A previous WECT report revealed that CFCC President Ted Spring spent $2,500 of school money on airline tickets, meals, and alcohol associated with work-related trips. After Spring reimbursed the college, CFCC officials explained that money came from an institutional fund and is generated by the campus bookstore and vending machines.

During their meeting Wednesday, Louis Burney, a member of the CFCC Board of Trustees, said the board should have had a formal policy in place to clarify how that money is used.

He said WECT's report is what led to the implementation of the policy.

Burney said the new policy states that that no purchases can be made with institutional money to supplement the president's salary; however, he explained that Spring's trips with his wife to various conferences would not have been in violation of this policy.

"It's appropriate for his wife to accompany him on an event. I'm not going to say carte blanche that every time he travels somewhere that his wife should go, but if it's something that customarily a president's wife would attend, I personally would not have a problem with that," Burney said.

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